ABW February Update

by Norma Gunter

My copy of the SEASON magazine arrived just in time for the February Mission and Service report.  It was rewarding to see that our 2017 M.O.P. (Mission Outreach Project) for a 4-WD vehicle for the Aragon families use in their mission work in Mexico went far over the goal of $6.000.  According to the Seasons Honor Roll of Churches for Jan. 1 to Dec. 3l, 2017 $14,393.33 was received. (Page 13).  Also our SPECIAL PROJECT for 2017, Sunny Day Leadership and Activities Center Furnishings for the Meeting Spaces, goal of $12,000 was met with $16,893.25.  PTL.  God is good. This project was for a new building at Camp Cowen.

This year, 2018, our M.O.P. is Trees from Zechariah 3 for South Africa, with a goal of $6,000.  The money contributed to this project will help train, equip and supply people to run local fruit and nut tree grafting nurseries for local profit, nutrition, environment improvement and sustainability in South Africa. Our American Baptist International Ministries Medical Missionaries Drs. Rick and Anita Gutierrez will manage this project.

The SPECIAL PROJECT for 2018 is new roofing for the lodges at Parchment Valley Conference Center and has a goal of $12,000.

Other information found in SEASONS magazine is the date for upcoming West Virginia American Baptist Women events.  The first being the Third Annual Women’s Camp at Camp Cowen April 13-15, 2018.  The focus is “Better Together” and the speakers are Rev. Jana Stoner and Jillene Narraway.  The theme scripture is Ephesians 4.  Ladies, 18 to 95, you are invited to join them for the journey as they grow, learn and share on being “Better Together.”  The cost is $45 for the weekend.  Call 304-840-1482 or email kasey.madden@icloud.com to register.  Take a friend and enjoy an early spring at Camp Cowen.

Have a blessed Valentine’s Day.  Stay warm.