ABW July Update

by Norma Gunter

Another Lizzie Lewis Circle lady has moved on to her new home in heaven.  Mildred, “Midge” Turner left this world on May 28, 2017.  She had moved back to Pennsylvania but attended morning worship here at First Baptist Church when visiting her family.  Pastor Doc recognized her Sunday May 23rd.  When she was visiting we would get together for lunch and catch up on the news.  When I called, to invite her to the spaghetti dinner at the Beaver Baptist Church, she was at the mall with her son David.  She was going to visit her grandson, whom she adored, and would not be able to go.  I felt bad about not getting to visit with her so I wrote her a note on May 8th not knowing how sick she was.  We will all miss her.

On June 3, 2017, three of us FBC American Baptist Women, made the trip to Parchment Valley for the American Baptist Women’s Ministry 83rd Women’s Conference.  It would be hard to find a more beautiful place to welcome ABW from around West Virginia to meet. The “Getting to know you” theme was designed, “for all of us to better know each other and more importantly to grow deeper in our relationship with God.”  This was a weekend conference but we only attended the Saturday session.  We arrived for the morning session where pastor Jeff Davenport spoke on, “Getting to know the God who conquers our Doubts.”  The morning was filled with prayer, music, offerings and information.         Special guests were our International missionaries to Mexico Keith and Debbie Myers and their children Boyden and Baillie, home on leave.  Debbie Mulneix, our Special Missionary to Asia, explained her new assignment.  She will be working from home, making 4 trips a year to Hong Kong, Nepal, Philippines. etc.  She will still need support from her West Virginia family.

In the afternoon I attended the Mission and Service/Love Gift workshop.  There we were brought up-to-date on Mission and Service and White Cross.  We also received the new quotas for our associations.

On June 15, 2017,  the FBC ABWM women took the new church van to Rainelle to the Fruits of Labor Cafe & Bakery for lunch.  There we enjoyed the farm fresh vegetables and the wonderful bread and pies, worth every mile we drove,  Since my sister, Gail, is visiting from Pennsylvania we decided, after lunch, to make a big circle and follow Rt. 60 East from Rainelle to Summers County to visit my daughter Kelley on her farm.  My other sister, Carrie, my niece, Carla, and my great granddaughter, Kira Belle,  left Rainelle  to see the baby chickens, turkeys, kittens and rabbits.  A long but blessed day.  Ladies if you get a chance to go to Rainelle to the Fruits of Labor Cafe & Bakery, GO.

Don’t forget the ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING offering this month.