ABW May Update

by Norma Gunter

American Baptist Women’s Ministry Focus for May 2017 is See…How God Sees You. On the sixth day, after creating humankind in God’s own image, God looked at all creation and saw that it was very good.  Does God still see it as very good?  God sees the widening gap between the rich and the poor.  God sees our wars.  God sees us helping and hurting, blessing and cursing.  God sees us loving some neighbors yet pretending we don’t see others.  God sees the love in our hearts but also our prejudices.  How does God see you?  How does God see your church?”

Did God see you Sunday night April 23 at the service where our newest West Virginia Missionary Juan Aragon shared about his families new assignment to Chiapas, Mexico?  Juan is from San Marcos, Nicaragua.  San Marcos is the town where my first mission work tour began and where I still keep in contact with a family there by Facebook.  Juan has served West Virginia Baptist well, working with the Spanish speaking people as our West Virginia Baptist Hispanic Ministries Strategist.  He and his wife Denise will be working with Keith and Debbie Meyers, another missionary family, we support here at First Baptist Church.  Please pray for Juan, Denise and their two children, Juancito and Ziba.  They hope to raise their support and be on the mission field this fall.

Ladies did God see you Saturday, April 22 at the Spring Rally at Breckenridge Baptist Church?  The theme for the meeting was “FEATHERING THE NEST” and the speaker was Donita Brush from Sparrow’s Nest, a place where women who are battling addiction can recover.  Another place that needs your prayers.

Lizzie Lewis Mission Circle ladies, God saw you as you tore the worn sheets into strips, sewed them together and rolled them into bandages for the hospitals in Africa.  He sees us as we collect quarters for good behavior for Weirton Christian Centers children and the many other projects the American Baptist Women of the First Baptist church does.

I could go on and on with the ministry of the women here at First Baptist Church.  As you can see God sees the work being done here but there is a lot more we could be doing.  We need every woman to help.  You can do something.  If you can’t join a circle you can give to the projects and pray.  Prayer is our biggest need.