ABW Mission Project

We continue to collect used postage stamps for a mission project.

Our MOP (Mission Outreach Project) 2019 Project will be buying rice for the House of Blessing students and their families in Thailand. The rice program was developed by the staff after they noticed the students were frequently absent or arriving exhausted. The teachers discovered that the kids were spending their evenings in the Night Market begging for money to help their parents provide food for their families. Although the parents are working, they struggle to provide for the basic needs of the family. The rice program provides rice if the parents promise not to make their children beg at night. The teachers then noticed a significant difference in the children coming to school more rested and eager to learn. The program has been successful, but unfortunately, the House of Blessing is having a difficult time funding the program. Our MOP goal of $6,000 will provide 16 House of Blessing families enough rice for the entire year! Please pray for each one of this ministry, the people they serve and the missionaries. If you would like to make a donation and have a women’s ministry program in place, please go through your regular channel of giving. If not, you are encouraged to donate individually.