ABW November Update

Do you ever wonder what the lives of our American Baptist International  Missionaries are like? Last month I shared with you about our young missionary family, Denise and Juan and their two young children that arrived in Mexico and faced two earthquakes in the first days of their mission work.

Since they arrived their son, Juancito, celebrated his 7th birthday and Juan  also celebrated his birthday.  Pictures on Facebook show Juancito’s new skateboard. and them riding new bikes.  They are enrolled in school there and they look happy.

Another ABIM, Susan Hegarty, tripped and broke her right ankle October 12th.  She has pictures on Facebook of her in the hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The X-rays show a plate and pins.  She is now receiving physical therapy.  Her teenage daughter, Katherine, is in high school there.  They recently went through hurricane Nate that was one of the worst storms to hit San Jose.  There was heavy rain, mud slides,  flooding, closed schools and highways.

She said the recent rains brought back memories of when she had to change a tire back in June in heavy rain.  She had most of the lug bolts off when a lady stopped and had her son change the tire.   She said the incident brought back another memory when her father made his children learn to change the oil and change a tire if they were going to drive.

Susan was in WV for Camp Global in 2008 where Lonnie and I got to visit with her.  Juan and Denise were there also.  They had only been in WV a short time.  The last time I saw Susan was two years ago when I went to Costa Rica for my 80th birthday.

Another ABIM, Ray Schellinger, on October 13th, wrote on Facebook about his  recent visit to Deborah’s House In Mexico where he met with two volunteers who go to Deborah’s House for a week each year since 2007. Their skills as an electrical engineer and a chemist are used as they built stairs, a deck, wired the workshop and the new educational building, the sewing center and much more.

While there Ray met with a group of the women, around the dining table, where they discussed the Bible story of the Samaritan woman at the well.  He said, “the Samaritan woman was longing to be in a place where she would be protected.”  He told the group,  “They came together at a home dedicated to becoming a place where all who needed it could find safety.  This is where God meets us in our need as we search for grace, and this is where God offers a  fountain of living water, welling up from within.”  My trip to Deborah’s House opened my eyes to the needs of abused women.

These are some of the stories about the lives of our missionaries. As you can see these missionaries need our prayers and support.  Give to the World Mission Offering.