ABW October Update

by Norma Gunter

We are now receiving the 2017 World Mission Offering here at First Baptist Church.  The theme, Discipleship:  Come, follow me.  (Mark 1-17)  “It is our mission to follow Jesus just as the disciples did more than 2000 years ago.”  This offering goes 100% to support our missionaries.

It is hard to understand what our missionaries lives are like.  Take for instance our newest WV missionary family, supported by First Baptist Church, Rev. Juan, Denise, Juancito and Zeba Aragon who left WV  September 6, 2017 for Mexico.

Juan worked for West Virginia Baptist Convention as Hispanic Ministries Strategist, got his citizenship, graduated from college, and was ordained since coming to West Virginia in 2008.  On August 6, 2017 he and Denise were commissioned as International Ministries missionaries to Chiapas, Mexico.  On September 6, 2017 they left West Virginia for Mexico.  Juan wrote, “Today we start a new journey trusting that the Lord’s hand will continue to guide our steps as He’s done till now.  We were blessed to have part of our West Virginia family come and send us with their love and prayers.  We love you.”  They arrived in San Gabriel Chilae, Mexico Wednesday night September 6.

They were attending the triennial assembly at San Gabriel Chilae, Mexico with Keith and Debbie Myers before going to Chipas. when the 8.1 earthquake hit on the 7th.  (Chipas is a ten hour drive from where they were) Juan wrote, “Last night we felt a little earthquake.  Never imagined the epicenter would be Chipas or the magnitude, apparently, it was 8.1.  WE ARE OK, but please pray for our brothers and sisters in Chipas.”  On September 9 he wrote, “We heard from our brothers and sisters in the communities and thank God nothing major happened only some damages in some houses.”

On September 18th Juan wrote, “Juancito and Zeba started school in San Cristobal.  Our daughter, Zeba, picked a dinosaur backpack for school.  A little taste of her uniqueness.”  On the l9th Juan wrote, “We are fine.  Evacuated from building.  Kids in school away from us, but they are fine.”  When asked how they were doing after the earthquake, Denise wrote, “doing well, still trying to adapt and make this feel like home, but today shopping in grocery store we got evacuated because of the earthquake.”  This was after the 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City.  The second earthquake since they arrived in Mexico.  Would you leave West Virginia for a country, with your young children, where earthquakes and other hazards are frequent?  Juan and Denise just did.  Jesus said, “Come Follow me.” They also left their home here in West Virginia for sale.

Ladies, our 2017 MOP (Mission Outreach Project) is for a 4-WD vehicle for the Aragon’s use in Mexico.  The goal for West Virginia is $6,000.  Let’s get together and push the offering over the topso they can begin their mission with the 4-WD.  Thanks.