The ABW Mission

The Lizzie Lewis Circle is continuing to meet the first Thursday of every month at 1:00 p.m. at the church. They are working on various mission projects locally, state-wide and internationally.

The ABW mission statement is:

In commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to the mission of the Church, and through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, American Baptist Women’s Ministries provides opportunities for each woman to: Become and develop as God’s person; Build God’s faith community, and Serve God’s world.

You are cordially invited to join them in fulfilling this mission statement.

Cold, Windy, Snowy Weather

With winters’ cold, windy, snowy weather a body needs food to stay healthy. Our 22 Backpack Kids are receiving food for their weekends away from school. They receive food like cereal, milk, soup, canned meat, canned vegetables, peanut butter, a loaf of bread, fruit cups, pudding cups and, of course, a bag of snacks. We pray that these children will feel healthy and warm this winter with the help of our Backpack Ministry.

Thanks to each one of you who has donated your time volunteering, donated food or money for this mission. Thank you also for your prayers. May God Bless You! Please continue to pray for our Backpack Kids and their families.

For the month of February, please bring packages of fruit cup. Donations can be left on the back counter in the kitchen.

Cold, Cold, Cold

As winter marches on and the weather outside is finally settling into what it should be, that is cold, cold, cold, the needs of Helping Hands grows and grows and grows.

The people of Raleigh County who need assistance is overwhelming at times and that’s why Helping Hands exists, to help those who need food and clothing. Your continued support of prayer, food and clothing donations and money is what keeps the doors open, the lights on and the food panty stocked.

The Bible tells us to feed the hungry and provide clothing to those around us Our volunteers work tirelessly Tuesday through Friday trying to fulfill the basic needs of the people who cross our doors. We even have a crew that works on Monday as the need arises to keep things in order. If you happen to have an extra morning, we sure could use your help.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to minister and help those in the Raleigh County area.

Learning the Value of Others

by Rev Robert A Wendel

Before leaving them, Paul told the Ephesians “Now I am turning you over to God, our marvelous God, whose gracious word can make you into what he wants you to be and give you everything you can possibly need in the community of holy friends.” (Acts 20:32 The Message.)

The Message, Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of the New Testament, gives us a glimpse of Church life as Christianity began to take root.

“Things calmed down and the Church had smooth sailing for a while. All over the country of Israel, three decades after the Resurrection, the people still felt a deep reverence for God.”

They did not need Paul. To accomplish his mission, Paul needed them. Well-traveled, Paul had discovered the value of dependence. He learned the value of other believers. Leaders in the churches he began must keep those congregations going after he is gone.

Don’t try to go out there on your own. Remind yourself that those around you may be the key to your (or your church’s) very survival or success. Believe it or not, each one of us needs a support network. Nobody can handle all the pressure over the long haul. Companionship is essential. Sooner or later, you will need someone to pick you up. We are neither invisible or irreplaceable.

In His church, God is looking for broken vessels, wounded hearts and humble servants, even those who have had weak track records and whose life is scar ridden, but who have come to appreciate the value of others.
Paul David Tripp wrote “In Christ, we have everything we need to live in peace with God and the people he has placed in our lives.”

One in 10 Million!

Would you believe me if I told you that you were one in a million? What about one in 10 million? Well you are one of over 10 million who packed a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child during the 2019 season. The final total of shoeboxes collected world-wide during the 2019 season was 10,569,405.

While that’s an awesome number, it doesn’t come close to the number of children in the world who still haven’t received a shoebox. They may not have heard the name of Jesus or felt His love through the simple gift of a shoebox.

We have been doing this ministry here at FBC for almost 20 years and every year, even though we may have bumps in the road during collection week, it amazes me to see the people showing the love they have for children they have never met. This ministry is just one small way that we here in Beckley, West Virginia can be a missionary without leaving the comfort of our homes. We can spread the name of Jesus to children and their families in places on the other side of the world fulfilling Christ’s commandment that we share His gospel to the uttermost parts of the world.

Now down to how you can help in a small way. For the month of February, we will be collecting toothbrushes, hair brushes and combs. Collection boxes are in the Welcome Center and in Fellowship Hall. Thank you for your continued support and please keep this ministry in your prayers as they spread the name of Jesus to children around the world.

It’s All About “Me”

by Rev Doc Adkins

Social media phrases have always reminded me of those Conversation Hearts Candy. You know, they say those little phrases that represent what we want to tell someone at Valentine’s Day such as “love me”, “kiss me”, or “hug me”. In social media the phrases are things like “follow me”, “friend me”, “text me” and so on.

I kind of see a theme here. It’s all about wanting someone to respond to “me”. Those phrases are how others reach out to us and want us to respond.

The Lord reaches out to us in so many ways. How do we answer His requests?

Friend Me
We all want friends, whether online or offline and Jesus is the greatest friend we will ever have. One thing we have to do as Christians is to act and behave like we are His friends.

Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. John 15:14

Text Me
It seems like everyone is texting on their phones these days, especially young people. People are staying in contact with each other. They are just chatting, asking questions, and answering questions.

How much more we should stay in contact with Christ and fill the Lord in with what’s going on in our lives. No one is afraid to pick up a phone and text a question to a friend but we fail sometimes to pray to the Lord as easily.

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 4:6

Repost Me
People with blogs and Facebook or any kind of social media want what they’ve posted to be reposted by other people, whether it’s a blog post, photo, or video. We want what we’ve posted reposted so it gets shared over and over.

We post things online that are important to us or even what makes us laugh or what we enjoy. We send along links to our friends of things we think they would enjoy or that we think could help them.

Do we enjoy God’s Word enough to share it? Are we passing it along to our friends for their benefit?

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. 2 Timothy 3:16

Follow Me
Most people that use social media want followers. They want to know what they are posting is getting read and that people enjoy it. Many of us follow blogs or the Facebook posts of our friends to see what they are up to or we may even follow people or things we are just interested in.

How interested are we in following Christ closely? Have we missed anything He has shared with us? How caught up are we on following His teachings?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes people follow other people online because they’ve seen someone else following that particular website or person? The more we follow Christ, the more we’ll be those “fishers of men” He talks about.

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19

Add Me
Website and blog owners usually make a way for people to be added to their mailing lists or a way to be added so their visitors can get updates. Many of you have probably added yourselves to mailing lists or updates at places you shop or frequent online.

How often do we think about adding the Lord into the things we do and making it so He is included in everything we do?

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Colossians 3:23

Share Me
Sharing what we find on social media is what makes the social media world go round. If it weren’t for people constantly sharing the things they find, it wouldn’t work.

Sharing Christ and His love is what furthers Christianity. How else will people know about the Lord if we don’t share His love?

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35

Conclusion: All of social media revolves around how people respond to the different aspects of it but in the end that has no lasting value. How we respond to Christ does matter. It’s the difference of eternal things.

So, have you responded to Christ?

We love you, Joyce.

Christmas shopping is complete and gifts have been delivered to our 20 Backpack Kids. We hope that each child enjoyed the toys and clothing that were purchased for them. Many thanks to every volunteer that shopped and wrapped each gift. Our Backpack program could not function without our dedicated volunteers.

As you all know we lost our precious Joyce Mills on December 20th. Joyce started the Backpack Ministry at Beckley First Baptist about seven years ago. She inspired members of our church to volunteer time to shop for food, pack backpacks and deliver the backpacks to needy children at Beckley Elementary School. We will miss her serving spirit in our church and we will carry on her mission. Our loss is heavens gain.

Thanks to each of you that have given time, money or donated food to our Backpack Ministry. May God bless you!

For the month of January please bring Vienna Sausages.


Our GLOW kids continue to meet on Wednesday evenings at 6PM on the third floor. There is a time of fun, a great lesson and maybe a craft. Contact Debbie King for further information on this great children’s program.

Our Illuminate Youth Group is also continuing to meet on Sunday evenings at 6PM on the Youth Floor. We had a lock-in during Christmas break and a great time was had by all who attended. You can contact Pastor Tim Mitchem and find out what is next on the youth’s program.

You are an American Baptist Woman

Take a few moments and read about some of the exciting ABW programs.
This school year, the WV American Baptist Women Scholarship Loan Committee was blessed with the opportunity to present EIGHTEEN $1,000 SCHOLARSHIPS to qualifying college-aged ladies who are members of our West Virginia American Baptist churches. This is partly due to your generosity in supporting this very worthwhile program. If your ladies group or church organization is looking for a project to support, what better than our American Baptist Women’s Scholarship Program?

In addition to a financial contribution to the program, there are three important things that can be done for a scholarship girl:

•Pray continually for her walk with Jesus, her health, her classes and that she always will follow God’s leading in this world.

•Send a card when led to do so. She probably needs to hear from someone that day.

•Send a donation to the state treasurer to be applied to her portion of her scholarship loan. If enough do that, she won’t owe a thing at the end of the year.

Our scholarship girl’s name and address is: Sami Wagoner, P.O. Box 1342, Huntington, WV 25715

We are continuing to collect used postage stamps for a mission project and also woman’s tampons, soap, hand sanitizer and deodorant for the Woman’s Resource Center. Collection boxes for these two projects are located in the church office.

Where did our shoeboxes go?

Through the marvels of modern day technology, we have been able to track the final destination of the shoeboxes that were packed in November to the small country of Burundi. Now you ask where is Burundi?? I had to look it up myself. Burundi is a small country in south-eastern Africa. Samaritan’s Purse began distributing gift-filled shoeboxes to this nation’s children in 2008 and launched The Greatest Journey, our follow-up discipleship program, here in 2013. Imagine that something that you purchased from a dollar store here in Beckley, West Virginia made it half-way around the world to a small country in Africa – how amazing.

Now it’s time to start thinking about shoeboxes 2020 and what can be accomplished if we come together as a church and help spread the name of Jesus to children around the world. This all starts with a bar of soap and a washcloth – something simple that we use every day but children around the world are not so fortunate. So let’s start the 2020 shoebox season with a “clean slate” with soap and washcloths. Collection boxes are in the Welcome Center and Fellowship Hall.

As always, please keep this program in your prayers as these boxes find their way into the hearts and homes of children who may have never heard the name of Jesus. Remember – you can change a child’s life with a simple shoebox.