ABW July Update

by Norma Gunter

Another Lizzie Lewis Circle lady has moved on to her new home in heaven.  Mildred, “Midge” Turner left this world on May 28, 2017.  She had moved back to Pennsylvania but attended morning worship here at First Baptist Church when visiting her family.  Pastor Doc recognized her Sunday May 23rd.  When she was visiting we would get together for lunch and catch up on the news.  When I called, to invite her to the spaghetti dinner at the Beaver Baptist Church, she was at the mall with her son David.  She was going to visit her grandson, whom she adored, and would not be able to go.  I felt bad about not getting to visit with her so I wrote her a note on May 8th not knowing how sick she was.  We will all miss her.

On June 3, 2017, three of us FBC American Baptist Women, made the trip to Parchment Valley for the American Baptist Women’s Ministry 83rd Women’s Conference.  It would be hard to find a more beautiful place to welcome ABW from around West Virginia to meet. The “Getting to know you” theme was designed, “for all of us to better know each other and more importantly to grow deeper in our relationship with God.”  This was a weekend conference but we only attended the Saturday session.  We arrived for the morning session where pastor Jeff Davenport spoke on, “Getting to know the God who conquers our Doubts.”  The morning was filled with prayer, music, offerings and information.         Special guests were our International missionaries to Mexico Keith and Debbie Myers and their children Boyden and Baillie, home on leave.  Debbie Mulneix, our Special Missionary to Asia, explained her new assignment.  She will be working from home, making 4 trips a year to Hong Kong, Nepal, Philippines. etc.  She will still need support from her West Virginia family.

In the afternoon I attended the Mission and Service/Love Gift workshop.  There we were brought up-to-date on Mission and Service and White Cross.  We also received the new quotas for our associations.

On June 15, 2017,  the FBC ABWM women took the new church van to Rainelle to the Fruits of Labor Cafe & Bakery for lunch.  There we enjoyed the farm fresh vegetables and the wonderful bread and pies, worth every mile we drove,  Since my sister, Gail, is visiting from Pennsylvania we decided, after lunch, to make a big circle and follow Rt. 60 East from Rainelle to Summers County to visit my daughter Kelley on her farm.  My other sister, Carrie, my niece, Carla, and my great granddaughter, Kira Belle,  left Rainelle  to see the baby chickens, turkeys, kittens and rabbits.  A long but blessed day.  Ladies if you get a chance to go to Rainelle to the Fruits of Labor Cafe & Bakery, GO.

Don’t forget the ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING offering this month.

The Demand is Getting Greater

The ministry of Helping Hands is going strong helping the citizens of Raleigh County with food and clothing items.  The demand is getting greater and greater and that’s where you can help.  Non-perishable food items, toilet paper and soap are always good items to donate.

They have also started a project of collecting toothbrushes and toothpaste so that in August every child in a client’s family with a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste before they start school.   These donations can be left in the large box outside the church office.

Your monetary support is also appreciated as well as your prayers for the clients and for the workers who tirelessly help out when the center is open.  If you happen to have a morning free, please contact Edna Nasby. She’s always looking for a helping hand.

Minister Abroad: Never on Sunday

by Rev Robert A Wendel

“He who honors Me, I will Honor”  ( Samuel 2:20).

When one is honored all rejoice.” (I Corinthians 12:26)

Jesus replied “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

It’s summer.  In the sports world, it’s outdoor track and field season.  I always take notice when athletes honor their faith convictions on the field of play.  There’s such a story as re-told in the Academy Award winning motion picture “Chariots of Fire”.

In 1924 at the Summer Olympics in Paris, Eric Liddell of Scotland refused to run a pre-race heat because it was scheduled on the first day of the week which is faith taught him would violate the Sabbath (I Samuel 2:20).   Liddell managed to negotiate an unheard of switch with Harold Abrahams, a devote Jew, from the 100-meter dash he had trained for to, instead, compete in the 400meter event later in the week for which he had not trained.

On July 11th running in the difficult outside lane, by the final straightaway Eric lead the other runners by four or five yards.  Liddell won the race in a world record and gold medal winning time of 46.06 seconds thrilling the cheering stadium crowd. (I Corinthians 12:26).

Liddell answered newsmen saying “I had no formula for winning the race.  Everyone runs in their own way.  Where does the power come from to see the race to the end” From within.   Jesus said “Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.”   If you commit yourself to the love of Christ, then that is how you run a straight race” (Luke 17:21).

The next year, young Liddell left Edinburgh to return to China where he had been born to Scottish Presbyterian missionaries.  Two decades later he was taken prisoner with other Christian missionaries having to spend the last months of his life in a Japanese internment camp dying in occupied China in 1946.  All of Scotland mourned.

Leaving his memorial service an attendee remarked “It is a blessing when someone has the good fortune to meet a saint, but he comes as close to it as anyone could when meeting Eric Liddell.”

Off to a Great Start – Youth and Children

by Ryan Haddox

Summer is upon us and we’re off to a great start at Illuminate Ministries and Glow Kids. At Illuminate, we’re all recuperated from the big trip to Carowinds and now have our sites on camp at Cowen and one more outing before it gets cold…STAY TUNED FOR THAT! Glow Kids is growing in numbers and we’re EXCITED about that! With the summer in full swing and vacations being taken, I wanted to stop for a moment and encourage everyone to rest from the business that summer can bring!

This summer, for me personally, is the busiest one yet! I’ve got two camps, vacation bible school, and I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! All of that is going to make an old man out of me by the end, but in all of the business that I’m surrounded with I have to make sure to center myself with God’s word and peace and sustainability. With sports, tournaments, vacations, reunions, and whatever else you and yours do, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun of it and put God on the back burner. It’s easy to “play tardy” at church because you simply don’t have time or need to pack. All of that is so simple for us to do, but also so dangerous. You see…we all must be connected to God in order to know what direction to go in life. Just like my GPS got us down and back from Carowinds safety, so also does the Word of God carry me and sustain my every move. We must also speak with God. In order for friendships and relationships to flourish there must be communication and listening, so also is our relationship with our Heavenly Father. We must have excellent communication and listening skills in order to grow our relationship with God.

These are two aspects of growing closer to God that our students will hear and learn about at Camp, as well as Sunday Nights. My prayer for our students, and all students that attend Camp, is that they would be filled up with Christ while there and not pull the plug on Him when they get home. Just like a sink filled with water, that water only stays in if you don’t pull the plug. My prayer is that they continue to fill themselves up with goodness (through the use of the two aspects above) and let it overflow into their outward lives and their schools.

Summer is Officially Here

The year is half over and summer is officially here.   Summer is a great time to relax, possibly go on vacation or just lie around the house drinking a cool glass of sweet tea.  But lying around the house is not something that I do very well so here goes.During July and August, it’s also a good time to find those back to school bargains so we will be collecting school supply items such as pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, colored pencils and markers and small note pads.    Many children who receive these shoeboxes cannot start school because they don’t have the proper supplies so these things are very important.

During July and August, it’s also a good time to find those back to school bargains so we will be collecting school supply items such as pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, colored pencils and markers and small note pads.    Many children who receive these shoeboxes cannot start school because they don’t have the proper supplies so these things are very important.

Donations can be left in the Samaritan’s Purse boxes located in the Welcome Center and also at the top of the ramp in Fellowship Hall.    This program goes year-round so your prayers are always needed.

Happiness is Like Jelly

bu Joyce Mills

It has been said that “Happiness is like jelly; you can’t spread even a little bit without getting some on yourself.”  This is so true when you think of mission projects and especially the Backpack Ministry.

When we know there is a need and we help by giving time or money for that hungry child it makes us feel so good and even happy.  Our initiative is to provide six nutritious meals each weekend of the school year for hungry children at Beckley Elementary School.  We hear comments from the families that receive backpacks.  The comment most often is something like “the backpack food helps us so much.”  And, we have been told that children who receive the backpacks are seldom absent on Friday.  This bit of information helps us understand that the filled backpack does make a difference.

Summer is a good time to help us stock up for the coming school year.  Of course, we need money.  If you gave $30 each month that would take care of one child.  If you have a meal at a fast food place, the cost for your meal would feed a child for a weekend.  No one likes to think that there are hungry children in our community.

A suggestion for you might be if you’re having a family picnic or a birthday party, etc., have everyone bring a 16 oz. plastic jar of peanut butter.  Be creative!  We have a big pantry for the Backpack Ministry.

Thanks for any contribution of food, money or time that you give to the Backpack Ministry.  School will be starting in August and we always need people to help with this Ministry.  Contact Helen Greene or Pastor Doc if you can help.

We’re stocking up on Peanut Butter for the next two months.  The jar should be 16 or 18 oz. size and plastic.  Just put your contribution in the church kitchen on the back counter and enjoy that happy feeling because you gave.

VBS Super Saturday

by Addie Gilkerson

We are so excited to announce the return of the “Super Saturday” VBS. We have found in previous years we get a better turnout for a one day VBS extravaganza! So this year we will be hosting it on Saturday, August 12 from 5:00-7:00 PM. The theme is “Wide Open Spaces.” We are pleased to be using the YMCA’s Paul Cline Soccer Complex for this event. We will be using the great outdoors to teach the children about the wonders of God’s creation. While there, we will be grilling out and food will be plentiful.  Fun games and activities will also be abundant! All children between the ages of 5-12 are welcome to come and join us! Please tell your friends and neighbors; bring the grandkids; or offer someone less fortunate a ride! Should there be rain, there will be someone at the Complex to direct you to the alternate indoor location. But let’s pray for beautiful weather! We also ask you pray for a good turnout. We really want to see a lot of kids come out for this exciting event!

Eyes Wide Open

by Pastor Doc Adkins

Mine eyes are ever toward the LORD; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net.  Psalm 25:15

It is finally warming up around here and I’ve been noticing all the little bugs and insects around.  I also notice some days ago when I was at our camp in Hinton that a summer creature you see a lot around the river is the “dragon fly”.  That peculiar looking thing with two sets of wings, a long skinny body and BIG EYES!  REALLY BIG EYES!  They are funny looking creatures to say the least. I am not sure what purpose they have except when they land on the water in the river…fish love them.

I’ve read that their sight encompasses basically 360 degrees and that they can see everything at most angles.

Wish I could see like that, especially those things that seem to sneak up on me and sideswipe me.

There are things I wish I could have seen coming.  I know there are things that as Christians we should watch out for so we don’t get off track in our daily living. We need to have our eyes wide open like a dragonfly.

Eyes Open to Understanding.

If we would keep our eyes open to understanding the Lord, just think how much better we would get to know Him.

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints. Ephesians 1:17, 18

Eyes Open to the Word.

I guess if we had our eyes wide open to what God’s Word says, we’d learn more and be better able to handle those things that get into our view.

Mine eyes prevent the night watches, that I might meditate in thy word. Psalm 119:148

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. Psalm 119:18

Eyes Open to Temptation.

Just think how much smoother our lives would be if we were constantly on guard for this one.  We know we are supposed to be on our toes for it to come sneaking in but sometimes it’s there right in front of us before we see it.

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.  Matthew 26:41

Eyes Open to God’s Help.

We get into these situations and our eyes are bugging out because here comes trouble.  How much better we could handle it if we constantly had our eyes on God and were really relying on the Lord.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.  Psalms 121:1

Without that 360 degree sight, dragonflies wouldn’t be able to be ready to make the quick maneuvers that they need to make in midair.  I think that when we keep our eyes wide open to certain things, we are better able to maneuver too.  We are better able to handle all those things that come sailing into our view.

All in all, I think we need to keep our eyes on the Lord because He’s the One who sees all.  The Lord can see up ahead where we can’t and that’s a nice fact to rest in.  He can see behind us where we may have missed something.  He can also help us handle those things that come whizzing past us.

So, maybe God created these little strange creatures like the ‘dragon fly ’just to teach us to keep our eyes wide open for Him to show us our way in life, too.


by Norma Gunter

The American Baptist Women’s Ministry Focus for June, 2017 is See… .  “This is the last official month of the two-year program theme See… .  “before AB Women’s Ministries launches the new theme on Women’s Day at the end of the month.  It’s time to wrap things up!  How have these two years helped you better understand how you see God, how God calls you to see others, and how God sees you?”

Ladies since January 2016 I’ve shared with you from the American Baptist Women’s Ministry Focus Resource book for 2016-2017.  Each month focused on a different aspect of what it means to see or be seen.  We learned about See… The Risen Christ, Angels Among US, Healthy Families, My Neighbor, Poverty In America, Spiritual Growth, How God Sees You and ten other subjects.  These and all the others can be found on beckleyfirstbaptist.org web site where the BEAM is published each month.

Next month the AB Women’s Ministry will introduce a new two-year, 2017-2019, focus.  I pray the 2016-2017 focus themes have been helpful and the new one will be too.

The American Baptist Women’s Conference is at the Parchment Valley Conference Center June 2-4, 2017.  The theme is “Getting to Know You”  The scripture Is Ephesians 1:17, “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.”  The Keynote Speaker is Pastor Jeff Davenport and his wife Beth Davenport is the Music Director.  The Guest Speaker is IM Missionary Debbie Muliniex. Several from Beckley First Baptist American Baptist Women will be attending.

A trip to the Fruits of Labor Cafe in Rainelle is planned for June 15, 2017.  PTL, the new church van is available.  A sign-up sheet, at the church office, for anyone that wants to go.

Help Spread Smiles

Helping Hands is starting a program to provide each child in a client’s family with a new toothbrush and full size tube of toothpaste.

Their goal is to have these ready to go in August just as the children are going back to school.

They serve over 700 clients each month and each family has several children so the need is tremendous.

Donations can either be brought to Helping Hands on Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 until noon or left in the donation box outside the church office.

Please keep these families in your prayers daily.

We also continue to need non-perishable food items, soap and toilet tissue.  These items can be placed in the donation box outside the church office as well.