What happens to the kids in the summer?

by Joyce Mills

Backpacks will be delivered only the first week of June.  School is over for the children June 5. The question has been asked many times, “What happens to the kids in the summer?”

Some kids have already moved in recent days, some will stay with grandparents, some will be involved with the school’s summer programs which also provides food.  AND, some will be hungry!

The children will not be hungry because we haven’t thought about this – they will be hungry because we haven’t come up with the details as to how to make it work!  We need some visionary planning to make it work.

During the summer if you should be food shopping and see 18 oz. jars of Peanut Butter or cans of pasta with meat, you can be absolutely certain that we will be able to use either one in September.  Go ahead and purchase them and them bring to church.

To the loyal, dedicated workers in the Backpack Ministry, you deserve our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. So a big, big thank you to the Treasurer, Food Shoppers, Weekly Menu Makers, to those who serve on teams that Pack the Backpacks each week, those who Take the Backpacks to School, and those who Pick Up the Backpacks and bring back to the church.  You have been like a machine that just keeps working and working. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Certainly, to YOU who have contributed needed food items and money–you have our thanks and appreciation !  It takes us all working together to make the Backpack Ministry work.