Helping Hands – List of Community Needs

Helping Hands continues its mission to help those less fortunate in the Beckley/Raleigh County area and your support has been greatly appreciated. They are still in need of non-perishable food items, toilet paper, bar soap and summer clothing. There is also a great need for volunteers to work one day a week Tuesday through Friday. See Edna Nasby and let her know when you can help.

Spring and Summer Clothes

As the cold weather gives way to spring, so does our clothes closet here at Helping Hands. The winter clothing is packed away and the spring and summer items are brought out. These clothing items, along with non-perishable food, are what our clients receive when they come in once a month. Through your donations, along with donations from local grocery stores, is what enables this ministry to help those in need in the Beckley and Raleigh County area.

The blankets and coats you donated during the winter were much needed and appreciated. Your generosity and those of some community groups helped us keep people warm this winter and for this we give you much thanks.

We are always in need of volunteers to donate their time. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 9AM until noon. It’s only three hours one morning a week and you will be blessed. See Edna Nasby and let her know what day would be best for you.

Helping Hands Continues to Reach Out

Now that the cold blustery days of winter are hopefully gone, Helping Hands switches out their winter clothing for spring and summer clothing which is always needed. We continue to help those less fortunate who need assistance with food and clothing. Donations of soap, toilet tissue and non-perishable food can either be dropped off at Helping Hands or leaving it in the black container outside the church office. Our numbers are increasing steadily which means we are reaching out and providing assistance. As always, volunteers are greatly needed. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 9AM until noon. So any time you can volunteer would be appreciated. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we help those in Beckley and Raleigh County.

Helping Hands Continues to Reach Out

Helping Hands Community Resource Center has continued to be a great resource for families to receive food and clothing on a monthly basis. The needs of our clients continue to grow as the price of everything from milk to bread to meat continues to rise. Every day we get at least one new family reaching out for our services.

We are open Tuesday through Friday from 9AM until noon. Volunteer help is always welcome. Non-perishable food, clothing, bar soap and toilet paper are always needed and can be left in the large black container outside the church office. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to provide the help that they need.

Cold Weather Brings More Clients

As the cold weather continues, our number of clients continues to grow each week. The need for food and clothing has never been more present in our community than now. Helping Hands is continuing to collect non-perishable food, winter clothing including coats and blankets, soap and toilet tissue. We covet your prayers as we serve the people of Beckley and Raleigh County. Your donations can be dropped off at Helping Hands Tuesday through Friday from 9AM to noon or left in the black container outside the church office.

Helping Hands in Times of Uncertainty

The ministry of Helping Hands has been helping the people of Beckley and Raleigh County for many years and have helped countless families with both food and clothing. In these times of uncertainty, many, many familes are faced with the problem of providing the basic needs of life and that’s where you come in.

We continue to collect non-perishable food, clothing, toilet paper and bar soap but our biggest concern right now is blankets and coats. Many of our families struggle to keep warm in the winter and that’s where your support has been extremely generous so far this winter and for that we thank you. BUT the need still continues. Every family who comes into Helping Hands is given a blanket for every member of their family.

So let’s check the January sales and help keep Beckley and Raleigh County warm this winter. As always, we thank you for your continued support to this ministry.

A Blanket for Each Family Member

Helping Hands continues to reach out to those less fortunate in the Beckley and Raleigh County by distributing food and clothing. They are also giving a blanket to each family member when they come for assistance. Blankets, non-perishable food  items, soap and toilet paper are always needed. A special thank you to all who have helped us this year. Please keep us in your prayers as to the weather starts to turn cold, their needs will increase. 

Target: 1,000 Blankets for Helping Hands

As the calendar turns to November and the weather starts to get colder, the needs at Helping Hands grows also. Our numbers increase and the need for blankets and coats as well as food grows as well. For the month of November, we are packing the pulpit with blankets and coats (new or slightly used) as well as food items. Our goal is to give every person in a family a blanket and we are aiming to collect 1,000 blankets. That may sound like a huge number but like everything else we do; we trust that God will provide the needs of those less fortunate. So, let’s pack the pulpit so full that Pastor Bryan has to preach from the floor by the end of November

Yay! Undie Sunday!

Undie Sunday has been a great success thanks to our generous congregation. On Sunday, August 28th, we collected 62 pairs of girls panties and 33 pairs of boys briefs as well as 3 boys undershirts. We also received 36 pairs of girls socks and 49 pairs for boys.

For September 25th we collected 69 pairs of girls panties, 4 camie tops, 10 pairs of girls socks, 43 pairs of boys briefs, 10 undershirts and 18 pairs of boys socks.

All of these items were taken to Helping Hands to be distributed to the children they serve. We will continue to collect undies on the last Sunday of each month to provide Helping Hands with an adequate supply for their clients. Our next Undie Sunday will be October 30th. Thanks to everyone!

Someone Always Needs a Helping Hand

As the calendar turns from summer to fall, the needs of Helping Hands also change from providing summer clothing to winter coats and blankets. BLANKETS ARE ONE OF THE MAJOR THINGS THAT ARE ASKED FOR. We also give out non-perishable food as well as soap and toilet paper. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 9AM to noon. Clothing donations are taken on Tuesday’s over at Helping Hands. There is also a container located outside the church office for your donations. Please remember those less fortunate than you – someone always needs a HELPING HAND.