The Power of a Shoebox

As winter finally leaves and spring is officially here, Samaritan’s Purse is continuing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to children around the world through the power of a shoebox. These boxes were filled last year with love and contain items such as school supplies, personal items, a small toy and a stuffed animal. Through your donations last year, we packed over 100 shoeboxes to help in this mission. This month we are asking for small stuffed animals (and I mean small enough to put in a shoebox). A good idea is to check the after Easter sales and find some stuffed rabbits or chicks. (Just a suggestion). There is a collection box in the Welcome Center for your donations. Please keep Samaritan’s Purse in your prayers as they continue to mission to spread the name of Jesus to children around the world.

Shoeboxes 2021

It’s hard to believe it’s March already and spring is just around the corner. Through your generous packing of shoeboxes, the gospel of Jesus Christ is being spread around the world on a daily basis. This year Samaritan’s Purse is focusing on those little known islands in the Pacific Ocean where the name of Jesus is virtually unknown. These children will know that they are loved and blessed when they receive a shoebox packed just for them and will hear the name of Jesus and how he loves them.

Although we are still facing the challenges of the COVID virus, we are confident that this ministry will continue with its mission and that’s where you can help. Pray for the ministry. Prayer can move mountains and sometimes the devil puts those mountains in front of us but only through prayer can they be overcome.

Keep those donations coming in. It may not seem like much now but by November we will have enough, hopefully, to pack 100 shoeboxes and send them on their way.

For the month of March, I am asking for donations of toothbrushes, hair brushes and combs. The donation box is in the Welcome Center. Thank you for your support of this mission to spread the love of God through the power of a shoebox.

Operation Christmas Child 2021

Well, we’ve turned the page to another year and said good-bye to 2020 (thank goodness). We survived collection week with all of the COVID restrictions and did quite well. While our number was down from last year, each and every shoebox that was put into a carton will be a blessing to the child who receives it. This child will probably hear the name of Jesus for the first time in his or her life and what an impact that will bring.

This collection year marks officially the 20th year we have been doing shoeboxes here at FBC and what a blessing it has been. Just imagine how many lives have been changed over those 20 years. It’s astounding. We’ve had some fun times and some challenges but with God’s help we’ve gotten through them. I thank all of you who have packed a box, worked in our collection center or loaded a truck, sometimes at 6:00 AM on a cold Saturday morning. Without your help, none of this would have happened.

Looking forward to the 2021 collection season, let’s start the months of January and February by donating bar soap and washcloths. This not only cleans the outer body but starts the process of sharing God’s love through the power of that shoebox that you will pack. Thank you again and God bless you.

Operation Christmas Child: 2020 Final Report

by Debbie Vanaman

Well another year is in the books for our shoebox ministry and it was a challenging year to say the least but with God’s help we made it through.

Our final total of shoeboxes received from the Raleigh, Fayette and Wyoming counties was 2,611 shoeboxes. We need to remember it’s not all about the numbers. It’s about how many children will be blessed by these boxes and how far the name of Jesus will go around the world.

It’s time for me to thank everyone who packed a shoebox, brought it the items we collected during the year, worked in our Collection Center and helped load our truck. Without your help, this mission project would not succeed as it does each year. God put each of you right where you needed to be when you were needed and for this again I thank God and you for your support.

This was officially our 19th year as a collection center and I am prayerfully looking forward to next year and see what God has in store for this project. Please keep this program in your prayers as they continue distribution of these precious boxes to children around the world.

Operation Christmas Child 2020

Well it’s November and national collection week is starting November 16th through November 23rd. We here at First Baptist have been a collection center for shoeboxes in the Raleigh County area for going on 20 years and each year it amazes me to see box after box after box coming in from local churches, organizations and individuals. Each box is a gift to a boy or girl who may not have ever received a gift no less from stranger thousands of miles away. This gift also comes with the joy of learning about God and Jesus, some for the very first time through a program called “The Greatest Journey”. This program shows them how God loves them and how Jesus died for their sins and how they too can follow Jesus. What an amazing gift!!!

In November I usually ask for donations to cover the shipping of the 100 boxes which have been already packed with the items you have donated this year. But, praise God, the money for shipping has been graciously donated by you throughout the year so I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t need to ask for money this year. But, what I do ask for is your prayers for collection week that it run smoothly during this pandemic time. It’s going to be a different way of collecting but with God’s help we will get the job done. Saturday morning, November 21st at 9:00 AM, I will need a great group of strong volunteers to load the truck we will be renting to take our boxes to Princeton. See Debbie Vanaman for further details.

Finally, as always, keep this ministry in your prayers as they collect and distribute these precious boxes through the coming months and spread the name of Jesus around the world. Thanks for all your help and may God bless you all.

Collection Week is Just Around the Corner!

Now that the leaves are turning and the temperatures are more comfortable, our national collection week for shoeboxes is just around the corner in November. The national goal for shoeboxes this year is a whopping 11 million shoeboxes. While that sounds like an enormous figure, every shoebox collected from the U.S. and around the world helps us to reach that goal.

Children around the world need to hear the name of Jesus and this is one way that we here in Beckley, West Virginia can help. Your shoebox filled with school supplies, personal items and small toys shows that you care enough to share your love through what is inside. Please keep this mission project in your prayers as we endeavor to spread the name of Jesus.

We will be collecting small stuffed animals for the month of October.

The Mission Continues

by Debbie Vanaman

I know you probably have heard this at least a million times this year already, but 2020 has been quite a unique year. Operation Christmas Child is no different, but their mission still continues to spread the name of Christ and his salvation through the power of a simple shoebox. These shoeboxes are being distributed globally to children most of whom have never received a gift created just for them. This gift is also accompanied by a booklet called “The Greatest Journey” that tells them all about Jesus and how they can ask Jesus into their heart and many, many children have done just that. This then spreads to their families and villages and out from there.

We here at FBC have been involved in OCC for over 20 years and I am already preparing for who I hope will be a phenomenal collection week in November. For the month of September, I am asking for hairbrushes and combs. I need enough to fill 100 shoeboxes and currently have less than 20. So let’s help make this child feel beautiful on the outside with your help as well as inside with the name of Jesus in their heart. Please keep this this ministry in your prayers as they continue to spread the name of Jesus.

The children of the world need to hear the name of Jesus.

Children all over the world need to hear the name of Jesus and Operation Christmas Child has been doing just that for over 25 years and this year is no exception. A nation-wide goal has been set at 11 million shoeboxes and while that may seem like an outrageous number in these epidemic times, nevertheless if we don’t reach for what seems like impossible, we will never know what we can do once God’s people take control of a situation.

I want to thank you for your prayers and support of this ministry over the 20 plus years that First Baptist has been involved. Thousands and thousands of boxes have been received during those collection weeks and without your support, this task would not have been accomplished.

Summertime is usually when the school supply sales start and this is why I always ask for school supply donations during July and August. With these uncertain times even as far as starting school in the fall, I am still asking you to browse through the school supply sale ads for pencils, pens, crayons, erasers, and small note pads for our shoeboxes. If you feel uncomfortable going into the stores, which I totally understand, I will be glad to do your shopping for you. Just mail or drop a check by the church and be sure to make a note that it is for shoeboxes in the memo line and I will take it from there.

These are trying times and even Samaritan’s Purse has had to make adjustments in our collection efforts to try and keep everything safe for our volunteers. As always, please keep this ministry in your prayers as they continue to spread the name of Jesus to children around the world one shoebox at a time.

What about shoeboxes this year?

by Debbie Vanaman

I’ve been asked several times recently about what’s going to happen to shoeboxes this year – will we be collecting, will they be processed in Boone or Charlotte and ultimately will they be distributed to children around the world. My answer to them is “God willing – things will go just as they have in the past “. So I am going on that assumption that, with possibly some modifications, our collection week will go on as scheduled in November.”

With our morning worship hopefully getting back on track this month, it’s time to restart our collection effort for our shoebox effort here at FBC. Just last week OCC had a virtual conference which is usually done in person and this conference shared story after story of how something as simple as a shoebox filled with personal items and that special toy helped change a child that changed a family that possibly changed an entire village in a small county halfway around the world. That’s what this ministry is all about – sharing the love of Jesus and how that love impact a child who gives their life to Jesus.

So let’s get this project back on track and start with soap and washcloths. This is one of the things that really excite the children is the smell of that one bar of soap. As you start to get back out shopping, please remember these children and how a bar of soap and a washcloth is part of the personal items that we need for our shoebox project.

Please keep this project in your prayers as we struggle to deal with the impact that COVID-19 is having on the effort to help spread the name of Jesus through something as small and simple as a shoebox. God bless you and thank you for your support and prayers.

Christmas Seems So Far Away

As the world deals with this Coronavirus Pandemic and the thousands of people who are affected by this, it seems like Christmas is oh so far away. But to the children around the world who receive a shoebox, Christmas not in December but in March, July and September and the rest of the year. These boxes are filled with things that we take for granted like pencils, crayons, toiletry items and that special toy that was bought just for that child. Samaritan’s Purse celebrated it’s 50th anniversary last year and Operation Christmas Child is a vital integral part of that ministry.

We’ve been collecting various items since the beginning of the year and for that I thank you. You’ve given us a great start on filling our boxes in November but in these uncertain times, I don’t want you traveling to a store to buy something for our shoeboxes. Yes, I said that – believe it or not. What I am asking you to do for the month of April is donate towards the shipping of these boxes. The cost is $9.00 a box and that goes for the transportation and delivery of these boxes as well as the printed material called “The Greatest Journey” which is included in each box. We will be sending out, hopefully, 100 boxes in November so that means we need $900. While that sounds like an awesome amount, each dollar you donate adds up. You can drop this off or mail it to the church until we resume services.