A Month of Thankfulness

by Pastor Tim Mitchem

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

It is sometimes very difficult to be thankful. The main reason that this is true is because we allow our circumstances to dictate our thankfulness. Paul wrote to us to be thankful in all circumstances, and we instantly reply with a list of current problems that Paul didn’t face so it was easy for him to say. But we have to remember that if anyone had a reason to complain, it is Paul. Most of his ministry was spent in jails, beaten, living in filth, but was able to still sing praises.

The “formula” to being thankful daily in all circumstances has to do with your heart and where it is connected. Some folks need to start their day after a cup or twelve of coffee! Some need to read the paper or listen to the news to start their day! But as people who belong to Christ Jesus we should start our day with praise, no matter what problem kept us up the night before or the bill you have to find money to pay, or that person that is in the way of your happiness, all of these pale in comparison to the fact you are loved by the creator God! Psalm 97:4-6 reads,

His lightning flashes out across the world. The earth sees and trembles.

The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth.

The heavens proclaim his righteousness; every nation sees his glory.

Your mountain of unhappiness melts like wax before the Lord! Your giant falls at the feet of a faithful boy with just a stone! So no matter what is standing before you or over you know that Your GOD has this in his control. Start your day with praise. Before your feet hit the floor start with a prayer. The book of James says an effective fervent prayer, not a self-defeating one. So if you start your day with, “Hey Big Guy, it’s me again, just don’t kill me today! Amen”….that will not boost your thankfulness. Maybe, “Father, I thank you for another day to see your glory, to feel your love and I know that nothing that comes up today will be too much for you to handle, and for you to help me to weather. Amen”

We need to think about what we are thankful for on a regular basis! What good things have happened? What circumstance did we survive? What unexpected thing came your way? I am so thankful to be part of Beckley First. What a blessing you all have been to my family! I am thankful for our small group of faithful teens that show up, and worship pure. I am thankful for my family that allows me to do what I love. I am thankful for the job and home that God has provided. Just like Paul, circumstances are not always what I would choose, but I do choose to sing a praise song, or read some uplifting scripture and talk to my Father about my days, so in all things I can give thanks.