Cold, Cold, Cold

As winter marches on and the weather outside is finally settling into what it should be, that is cold, cold, cold, the needs of Helping Hands grows and grows and grows.

The people of Raleigh County who need assistance is overwhelming at times and that’s why Helping Hands exists, to help those who need food and clothing. Your continued support of prayer, food and clothing donations and money is what keeps the doors open, the lights on and the food panty stocked.

The Bible tells us to feed the hungry and provide clothing to those around us Our volunteers work tirelessly Tuesday through Friday trying to fulfill the basic needs of the people who cross our doors. We even have a crew that works on Monday as the need arises to keep things in order. If you happen to have an extra morning, we sure could use your help.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to minister and help those in the Raleigh County area.