Connecting for a Blessing

by Rev Robert A Wendel

A blessing is a divine gift, the bestowal of protection or approval, something that brightens life. The idea of a blessing crosses cultures and unites humanity. For many, a blessing is a spiritual flow from a supreme power. Blessings encourage the seeker and, in our case, connects us with our Maker and Heavenly Father.

The reasons for seeking above-earth support are as varied as prayer: to lift up, to set free, to shield from harm or pain, to inspire a project or point us in a certain direction. Or prayer time can just open our eyes to the basket of blessings which have already come our way.

We want to be happy. We want to enjoy life. We want things to go well for our families and our close friends. In other words, you and I want our life experience to be as positive as heaven and earth will allow.

Even during this Season of National Thanksgiving, we should be careful to remind ourselves that the Lord’s blessings are not automatic. The Almighty is willing to “pour out a blessing” only when our lives match his purpose, counting on his grace.

Eternal grace comes only to those who make their requests known in a “true spirit of humility.” And as we are reminded during almost every Sunday morning worship, as we hope and pray for ourselves, we should certainly, request that others be in the Lord’s favor too.

In my more that forty-year ministry, like any Christian minister, I have heard folks say, “I don’t need the Church!” Most of these naysayers have, likely been hurt or disappointed by some regular worshiper or perhaps they’ve felt that God is not listening to their prayers.

The Lord does hear us because he loves us and wants the best for us   There are periods in our earthly life when our forward progress seems at a standstill. Remember!  The Lord operates according to  his own eternal time piece. Connect often! Wait! A blessing will come!


This month’s ABC Men Saturday Morning Breakfast will include a brief update on WV Flood Relief by Rev Frank Miller at 8:00 AM on November 12th. Please make time to join us.

HELPING HANDS offers our church the chance to think of those in need with donations of food, clothing, coats and blankets this month. Show you’re blessed by sharing!

The Beckley Clergy has planned a special worship service on Election Night, November 8, at 7:00 PM at Methodist Temple.

Let’s join our neighbors. And pray for the USA.