Helping Hands is Reaching Out

Edna Nasby and her crew at Helping Hands have created a display that can be used in any business to help collect donations of food and clothing.  If you know of a business or work at a place where this display can be used, please contact her.

Their mission statement reads as follows:

  • To function as an inter-faith inter-denominational community ministry providing information, referral and emergency assistance for those in need in Raleigh  County.
  • To exist to maximize resources available to those in need, to act within the network of churches and organizations providing emergency services.
  • To seek to offer coordinated information for the community and public good.
  • To provide boxed food to a family in a 30-day period.   Clothing is also on a 30-day period.

To do all of the above, your help is needed both in providing non-perishable food and clothing but also to volunteer a morning of your time.  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated and you will be blessed.  As always, keep this mission in your prayers as they help the less fortunate here in Raleigh County.