Helping Hands

It may seem like something very trivial to you but it’s something we all use.  Helping Hands has been giving out toilet tissue and bar soap along with food items and your help in this project is needed.  What they need is for people to pledge a monthly gift of toilet tissue and/or bar soap.  Your donations will not only help those less fortunate but it will also help the dollars at Helping Hands to go further if they don’t have to purchase these items.  See Edna Nasby and let her know she can count on your support.   Donations can be left outside the church office.

One other way you can help.  If you shop at Krogers and have access to a computer, you can register your Kroger card at  Once you have your card registered, go to the Community tab and click on Kroger Community Rewards and follow the instructions from there.  Helping Hands gets a percentage of your shopping total each time you shop.   If you have any questions about this, contact the church office.