See…God Around You

by Norma Gunter

The American Baptist Women’s Ministry Focus for December is See…God All Around You.  The scripture is Isaiah 53:1-3. “We see many things every day: a flower growing out of the ground, children playing at a park, criminals being put away in prison, and the media telling us about the most recent tragedy.  But what about God?  Do we see God at the park or on the news?  Do we see God’s love and beauty in the smallest of things, such as the only remaining dewdrop from last night’s mist?  Many of us don’t, or if we do see God’s love, we see it only in the things that bring us joy:  But God is everywhere, in both the good and the bad.”

One thing you can see God in is American Baptist Women’s Ministries.  The year 2016 is our 65th anniversary.  “ In 1953, the National Council of American Baptist Women was formed to create a national organization to which each American Baptist woman could belong, and to expand the ministry to include the total mission of the church, including missions with women in the United States, Puerto Rico and all over the world.  Women wanted to be able to elect their own officers and chairperson who could focus their energy on the needs of American Baptist women and all that these women could accomplish by working together.  They also wanted a focus on leadership development of women to develop a greater capacity for ministry and mission.” (Seasons Magazine, August 2016).

Some of the things our West Virginia AB women accomplished this year for White Cross was: 1,114 roller bandages, 16 adult quilts, 8 health kits, 1,750 cloth squares, 40 baby quilts, and 10 school kits.  We also did community service projects such as:  Helping Hands, cancer care centers, hospice, school backpacks, Christmas shoe boxes, food pantries and many more projects. We also support:  Love Gift, Personal Development Ministries. Mission Outreach Projects, Special Projects, Church and Community Ministries, Spiritual Growth Retreat and Weirton Christian Center.

As you can see there is a place to serve for every woman at First Baptist Church.   We are involved with many projects here at the church as well as supporting our International Missionaries around the world.

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.