You are an American Baptist Woman

Take a few moments and read about some of the exciting ABW programs.
This school year, the WV American Baptist Women Scholarship Loan Committee was blessed with the opportunity to present EIGHTEEN $1,000 SCHOLARSHIPS to qualifying college-aged ladies who are members of our West Virginia American Baptist churches. This is partly due to your generosity in supporting this very worthwhile program. If your ladies group or church organization is looking for a project to support, what better than our American Baptist Women’s Scholarship Program?

In addition to a financial contribution to the program, there are three important things that can be done for a scholarship girl:

•Pray continually for her walk with Jesus, her health, her classes and that she always will follow God’s leading in this world.

•Send a card when led to do so. She probably needs to hear from someone that day.

•Send a donation to the state treasurer to be applied to her portion of her scholarship loan. If enough do that, she won’t owe a thing at the end of the year.

Our scholarship girl’s name and address is: Sami Wagoner, P.O. Box 1342, Huntington, WV 25715

We are continuing to collect used postage stamps for a mission project and also woman’s tampons, soap, hand sanitizer and deodorant for the Woman’s Resource Center. Collection boxes for these two projects are located in the church office.