20 Years with Operation Christmas Child

On Sunday, October 30th the church was recognized by Samaritan’s Purse for its 20-year participation in Operation Christmas Child. During that 20-year period, a total of 54,645 shoeboxes were collected from the Raleigh and Fayette Counties. That’s 54,645 gospel opportunities that were handed out to children around the world to share your love and the name of Jesus and it all started with a simple empty shoebox. Those opportunities could not have been sent without the hard work and dedication of the people of FBC and you are to be commended for your efforts.

Looking forward to collection week this year is just around the corner. Tracy Salango has taken over as the relay center coordinator and she needs your help. Collection week starts on November 14th and concludes on November 21st. The hours we will be receiving boxes are listed below.

Mon. 10AM-noon; Tues. 4PM-6PM; Wed. 10AM-2PM; Thurs.10AM-2PM; Fri. 3PM-6PM; Sat. 1PM-3PM; Sun. 1PM-3PM; Mon. 9AM-11AM.

Don’t wait for her to call you – reach out to her and let her know when you can help.

For the month of November we are asking for donations to cover shipping.