It’s Never too Early

Even though the temperatures are at last climbing into the 80’s and spring has finally arrived, it’s never too early to start thinking about Operation Christmas Child and shoeboxes.  You can get some great bargains in the summer and just tuck them away until you pack your box.

As always this program goes year-round with distribution of shoeboxes around the world. Please keep this program in your prayers as it continues to reach out and touch young lives with the message of Jesus Christ through the power of a simple shoebox.  By the way, ladies when you buy those summer sandals, don’t throw away the shoebox.  Bring it to church and leave it in the church office.   We will be using it this fall.

A heart to heart with good old Dad

by Pastor Adkins

“Now the days of David drew nigh that he should die; and he charged Solomon his son, saying…” 1 Kings 2:1

June!  The beginning of summer and a wonderful time to see God at His best. It’s also the month we celebrate Father’s Day.  (Just an early reminder to my girls and maybe yours too.)  I love being a dad. I have “daddy’s girls” right where they want me and I wouldn’t want to be any place else.  

When we are young most of us don’t see the importance of our parent’s advice whether it is fatherly or motherly. Sometimes it is only when we get a little older that we see that a lot of what advice they have given to us makes sense.

The devotional for this month comes from the sermon I have been working on for Father’s day and maybe you will enjoy a “sneak preview” of our celebration!

In 1 Kings 2:1-10, we see some advice, a charge really, that David gave to his son Solomon before David died. There’s so many good things that he says in this passage. Good advice whether you are a “momma’s boy” or “daddy’s girl”.

  • Be Strong and manly. (vs. 2)
    David knew he was dying so I guess it makes sense that he told his son to be strong. I’m sure the women don’t want to be manly or “shew thyself a man” as the verse says but we can take from this to be the best godly woman you are able to be and teach the daughters to be godly women.
  • Keep the charge of the Lord(vs. 3, 4)
    In these verses David encourages Solomon to strive to do everything he can to keep his life centered on the Lord. He talks about walking in His ways, keeping His statutes, His commandments, His judgments, and His testimonies.

    David had some ups and downs in his own spiritual life so he knew the importance of a close relationship with the Lord.

  • Show wisdom. (vs. 5, 6)
    David encourages Solomon to use wisdom when dealing with Joab and the things that specific situation entailed in verses 5 and 6.

    I think wisdom is something we all want for our children. I know I want my girls to use wisdom in their choices and decisions.

  • Show kindness. (vs. 7)
    In verse 7 David urges Solomon to show kindness to the sons of Barzillai who had shown kindness to him. Kindness is one of those things that lack in so many people today. I know raising kind children should be one of our goals.
  • Judge well. (vs. 8,9)
    David reminds Solomon of how to deal with Shimei, a man whose life David had spared at one point and time. You really have to go back and read through 2 Samuel 16 and 19 to really understand what the whole situation was about. I’m not going into detail here but judging and carrying out judgment was to be a big part of Solomon’s role as King.

    Even in our daily lives knowing how to judge in wisdom is so important. Also knowing that sometimes punishment has to be carried out is important as well.

When we go on down to verse 10 of 1 Kings 2, we see that David died so these things he said to Solomon were probably some of the last words David spoke.

I think that David’s words to Solomon in this passage ended up being one of the most enduring father-son talks. This was right before David’s death and it was from the heart. David had learned many lessons in his life and I think he wanted his son, Solomon, to learn to keep his life in tune with the Lord so that his life would be the best it could be.

“Thus David the son of Jesse reigned over all Israel. And the time that he reigned over Israel was forty years; seven years reigned he in Hebron, and thirty and three years reigned he in Jerusalem. And he died in a good old age, full of days, riches, and honor: and Solomon his son reigned in his stead.” 1 Chronicles 29:26, 27

So, do you take what your Heavenly Father tells you to heart?

Mission and Service

by Norma Gunter

On Saturday May 17th the American Baptist Women’s Spring Rally was held at the Beaver First Baptist church.  Our own Joyce Mills is the president of the Raleigh Association ABW,  Nancy Moran is the secretary and I’m the Coordinator of Mission and Service.  At the rally our AB Area Minister gave his greeting and sang “Not For Sale”.  He also gave a report on his mission trip to Bolivia last year where they built a COB house in a few days for less than $3000.  The house is made from homemade bricks made of sand, straw and mud with a tin roof, solar and water systems.  This year they plan to go back and build two COB houses.  If you ever wanted to go on a mission trip this would be a good group to join.

The speakers for the rally were Johnny and Robin Walker.  I refer you back to last months BEAM article which featured the work of the Walkers with the Kodiak Baptist Mission in Alaska.  Beaver First Baptist church has supported this Mission for years & the Walkers, who are members of the Beaver First Baptist Church, are planning another trip to Alaska this summer.  The offering and gift cards went to the horse camp at the Kodiak Mission.  Johnny showed a video of their work there.   Robert Prince, another member of the church, told of his work with the Kodiak Mission children and the golf camp.  Mission groups were also at the Kodiak Mission doing repair work like building steps.

Again, if you have a desire to serve the Lord there are short-term mission trips all around the world.  They are life changing.  Like the Walkers who went to Alaska last year & are going back this year you may find you would also want to return over and over.

A group of 10 women from Beckley FBC are going to Parchment Valley June 7 for the ABW Annual Conference.  Come join us.  There is still time to go.  Call Linda Ramsey for details.

Being Happy

by Rev. Robert A. Wendel

These days the internet has hundreds of daily lists and tips on everything from losing or gaining weight to medical help and financial pointers, travel articles, cooking suggestions and relationship advice.  Most of what is “posted” can require just simple common sense.  Still, we ordinary folks can’t know everything about everything, even if “Father knows best!”

If you and I are searching for a list of life’s ‘do’s don’t’, we’ll never outdo the Old Testament’s Ten Commandments found in the 20th chapter of Exodus.  Undoubtedly, people with spiritual roots pay attention and try their utmost to abide by those rules written in stone so very long ago.

Happy Christians don’t covet.  They are perfectly content with what they already have.  It’s enlightening to discover that there is a direct link between happiness and being obedient to the laws that God gave Moses to share with us.

In one way or another, every Sabbath day preaching pastors, priests and rabbis continually urge those sitting in the pews to apply lessons from the Bible to our everyday life right here, right now.   Time and time again I am amazed at how what I listen to in sermons and weekly prayers serve as an echo of where my heart is on that particular day.  So, as it should my happiness level rises.

One clear sign of lasting happiness is the sincere desire to be good and do good.  The Apostle Peter preached “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power: who went about doing good and healing.”  (Acts 10:38)

Going about doing good seems to be the way to ultimate happiness.  What would life in this sad world be like if everybody “went about doing good?”  We’d be following in Jesus’ footsteps.  We’d be doing our part to heal the sorrow and sadness which lingers inside so many.

Let’s work to change the happiness level..   You may be just the person to give your family member or neighbor a lift!  Here’s an idea “Invite him or her to church!”

A note our ABC Men:  From September through May we enjoyed the blessing of wonderful prayer breakfasts thanks to the great cooking, inspiring devotional moments, fellowship time and timely prayer.   Be sure and join us on the second Saturday in September for more of the same.   Our fall devotion leaders will include Mike White and Phil Parvin.

What happens to the kids in the summer?

by Joyce Mills

Backpacks will be delivered only the first week of June.  School is over for the children June 5. The question has been asked many times, “What happens to the kids in the summer?”

Some kids have already moved in recent days, some will stay with grandparents, some will be involved with the school’s summer programs which also provides food.  AND, some will be hungry!

The children will not be hungry because we haven’t thought about this – they will be hungry because we haven’t come up with the details as to how to make it work!  We need some visionary planning to make it work.

During the summer if you should be food shopping and see 18 oz. jars of Peanut Butter or cans of pasta with meat, you can be absolutely certain that we will be able to use either one in September.  Go ahead and purchase them and them bring to church.

To the loyal, dedicated workers in the Backpack Ministry, you deserve our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. So a big, big thank you to the Treasurer, Food Shoppers, Weekly Menu Makers, to those who serve on teams that Pack the Backpacks each week, those who Take the Backpacks to School, and those who Pick Up the Backpacks and bring back to the church.  You have been like a machine that just keeps working and working. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Certainly, to YOU who have contributed needed food items and money–you have our thanks and appreciation !  It takes us all working together to make the Backpack Ministry work.

Kids are Busy!

As spring and summer activities heat up and the school year draws to a close, Beckley First Baptist Church kids are busy!

Here’s what’s going on for the month of June.

  • June 1st is Promotion Sunday and, that evening, Phil Parvin will help us explore mission opportunities.
  • June 8th is Graduation Sunday when we will be recognizing our high school and college graduates.  There will be a reception following the evening service to celebrate our graduates.
  • June 22nd is the vacation bible school (VBS) kick-off cook-out.  VBS will continue through June 26th with a pool party planned on the 27th at New River Park.

Our kids truly appreciate your support.  We hope Youth Sunday showed how our group is wonderfully engaged, energetic, and growing!  Our thanks to all who participated.