Kicking Things Up Another Notch

As the temperatures start to lean more towards fall, OCC is kicking things up another notch. With collection week getting closer and closer, our focus turns to what kind of difference can I make. My answer to that is, as I always say, a shoebox can change a child’s life and that impact can grow and grow from the child to the family, to their town or village and from there it just multiplies.

Speaking of collection week, the dates for that are starting November 15th and concluding on November 22nd and that’s when I really need your help. We will be open Monday through Friday from 10 until 2 and then have shorter hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So when you see my name come up on your caller ID on your phone, you’ll know what I’m calling about and the answer I want to hear is “yes I can help – when do you need me?” As in past years, we will have a loading time on Saturday the 20th of November. More details on that will be coming.

For the month of October I am asking you to bring in children’s gloves and toboggans. Even though some of these boxes may go to warmer climates, God knows which box needs to go to which child and he will direct it to just that child. As always, a collection box is located in the Welcome Center for your donations. I want to thank you for your prayers and support of the shoebox ministry. It is through your prayers and support that this mission effort can continue.

Please keep us in your prayers as our collection week comes closer that God will put the right person in the right place at the right time to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to children around the world.