OCC: Winding-Up 2021 and Focusing on 2022

Let’s start with winding-up 2021. With the help of modern technology, we are able to track where our shoeboxes went that we packed last November. They went to a small country in Africa called Cote d’Ivoire. Here’s something about that country. Located in West Africa, Cote d’Ivoire is a significant exporter of cocoa beans. Otherwise known as Ivory Coast, the nation’s tropical rainforests include African mahogany and teak. Samaritan’s Purse began delivering Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts to children here in 2000 and a year later, we began offering The Greatest Journey, our follow-up discipleship program, to these shoebox recipients.

Now let’s focus on 2022. With this ministry still going strong after 20 years, we are going to switch things up a bit. I usually start with collecting a bar of soap and a washcloth. With it still being winter time, this year I would like to start with collecting gloves and toboggans for the month of January. Hopefully you can still find some around – maybe even on sale. There will be a box located in the Welcome Center for your donations.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers as shoeboxes are being distributed around the world as we speak to help spread the name of Jesus to countries, towns and cities around the world. Remember – a shoeboxes can change a child’s life.