Shoeboxes 2023

Upon tracking the final destination of our 2022 shoeboxes , I found that they were delivered to Madagascar which is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. It is known for its lemurs, baobab trees, vanilla, and pepper. Samaritan’s Purse began delivering Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts to children here in 1993. Since 2010, we have also offered these shoebox recipients our follow-up discipleship program, The Greatest Journey. (Just a little info for you).

In April there will be a gathering of shoebox recipients and OCC volunteers in Florida to celebrate the 200 millionth shoebox distributed. This will be a gathering of people from around the world in celebration of what you have been a part of for over 20 years in spreading the name of Jesus to children around the world. Please pray for the people distributing shoeboxes around the world

We are forging ahead with this year’s collections although donations have been slow. For the month of March we will continue to collect bars of soap and washcloths. Your donations can be placed in the dark blue box in the Welcome Center.

What a year!

What a year 2022 was. The final count for shoeboxes collected worldwide was 10,599,907. Here in southern West Virginia, we exceeded our goal and for that we thank you. Countless numbers of children will be impacted by your commitment to this ministry. For the month of February we will be collecting bar soap and washcloths. Donations can be left in the dark blue container in the Welcome Center.

OCC: Another 20 Years!

With another year completed, it’s time to look ahead to what God has planned for our shoebox ministry for 2023. We’ve been successful these past 20 years and with your continued support we can go for another 20 years. Through this ministry, countless thousands of children have learned the name Jesus for the first time and many of those have given their hearts to Him through the power of a simple shoebox.

For the month of January, we will be collecting children’s gloves. So head to those dollar stores and get those January bargains. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as the name of Jesus continues to be spread to children around the world.

The Count is In!

As a collection center, First Baptist Church was blessed with receiving 2,350 Shoeboxes as part of Operation Christmas Child.

To all of those who packed a shoebox, prayed for a shoebox or worked in our collection center. Your help and support means that children around the world will know that someone loved them enough to pack a box just for them. Please keep these boxes in your prayers as they start their journey to the special child God has already selected to receive it.

20 Years with Operation Christmas Child

On Sunday, October 30th the church was recognized by Samaritan’s Purse for its 20-year participation in Operation Christmas Child. During that 20-year period, a total of 54,645 shoeboxes were collected from the Raleigh and Fayette Counties. That’s 54,645 gospel opportunities that were handed out to children around the world to share your love and the name of Jesus and it all started with a simple empty shoebox. Those opportunities could not have been sent without the hard work and dedication of the people of FBC and you are to be commended for your efforts.

Looking forward to collection week this year is just around the corner. Tracy Salango has taken over as the relay center coordinator and she needs your help. Collection week starts on November 14th and concludes on November 21st. The hours we will be receiving boxes are listed below.

Mon. 10AM-noon; Tues. 4PM-6PM; Wed. 10AM-2PM; Thurs.10AM-2PM; Fri. 3PM-6PM; Sat. 1PM-3PM; Sun. 1PM-3PM; Mon. 9AM-11AM.

Don’t wait for her to call you – reach out to her and let her know when you can help.

For the month of November we are asking for donations to cover shipping.

Operation Christmas Child is in High Gear!

Now that there is a little “nip” in the weather, Operation Christmas Child moves into high gear. With collection week about six weeks away, there is still much work to be done. Tracy Salango is our new relay center coordinator and she will be asking for your help during collection week in November. Don’t wait for her to ask you – contact her and let her know when you can help.

We will be having a shoebox packing party on a Saturday in October but a firm date has not been set yet. This is where we get to have fun packing the shoeboxes with all the donations we’ve collected all year. Keep your eyes and ears open for that date.

For the months of October and November what is needed are your dollars. We will be packing 120 shoeboxes and at $10 a box – well you do the math. (It’s $1,200). If you are writing a check to the church just put shoeboxes in the memo line.

Finally, please keep this program in your prayers daily. Shoeboxes are being distributed around the world 365 days a year. The national goal is 11 million shoeboxes. While this number sounds very unreasonable, it’s11 million opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and it all happens one shoebox at a time.

OCC Collection Week is Moving Closer!

As the calendar moves to September OCC collection week moves closer. Tracy Salango has taken over as our drop off leader and she has a workshop scheduled this month to distribute items to the area churches. She will be contacting you closer to collection week to ask for your help that week.

As far as our donations for our boxes, we are aiming to pack 125 boxes and this is where your help is needed now. For the month of September, we need boys and girls socks for ages 5-9 and 10-14. We also are in need of toboggans for the boxes for ages 2-4 if you run across any. These donations can be left in the collection box in the Welcome Center.

Gearing Up for a Great Shoebox Season

We’re gearing up for a great shoebox season for 2022. Here at FBC we’ve been a part of Operation Christmas Child for over 20 years and the blessings that children around the world have received is awesome. Imagine the joy that a child experiences opening a box made especially for them that contains something as simple as a toothbrush or a bar of soap not to mention the toys, crayons and coloring books that are also inside. The school supplies help many of them who may not have been able to go to school because of not having these supplies.

The program that accompanies the shoebox is called The Greatest Journey and it tells them all about Jesus and His Love for them and gives them an opportunity to give their heart to Jesus at the end of the series. That’s a second blessing that they can pass onto their families and villages and help spread the name of Jesus around the world. That’s the power of a simple shoebox

The months of July and August typically are great months to shop for school supplies so that’s what we will be collecting. We need pencils, pens, crayons, coloring books, markers, colored pencils, erasers, small note pads and pencil sharpeners. These items are a vital part of each and every shoebox. Your donations would be greatly appreciated and can be left in the box in the Welcome Center.

Enjoying the Many Blessings

We here at Beckley FBC have enjoyed the many blessings that have come from packing shoeboxes for these past 20 plus years and for that we thank God for the opportunity to help spread the name of Jesus around the world. Recently I was part of a virtual shoebox conference and one of the sessions centered around that we are all children of God and are in constant need of his guidance in our lives. We are fortunate to live in a country where we can practice our faith without any repercussions.

Thousands of children around the world have never heard the name of Jesus which is where Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child steps in. The shoeboxes that are packed, shipped and eventually wind up in a child’s hand is probably the first gift this child has ever been given and to learn about Jesus through The Greatest Journey lessons which are shared at the distribution of those boxes. This has led many, many children to accept Jesus as their Savior as well as their family members.

As we continue our collection effort, for the month of June we are collecting toothbrushes, hair brushes and small ladies deodorant for the 10-14 year old girls. Your donations can be left in the box located in the Welcome Center. As always, please keep this project in your prayers as the name of Jesus continues to be spread through the power of one shoebox at a time. God bless you !!!